FullSizeRender-1We’re Jeff & Cathy Evans, empty nesters who have jettisoned our “sticks and bricks” house in California for a motorhome and the open road.

Clients have no fear! We’re equipped with state of the art wifi and continue to run our businesses while on the road.

Please follow us as we criss-cross this amazing nation of ours from sea to shining sea.

Getting America Healthy!


We’re certified health coaches on a mission to get America healthy!

We’ve helped over 150 people lose weight and achieve their health goals.

Here’s our story:

At the age of 50, Cathy suffered a major heart attack. She had a successful five-way bypass, but shortly after, three of the bypasses collapsed and she had to have several stents inserted into two of her collapsed arteries to hold them open. The third artery could not be re-opened.

With the meds she was on, her weight continued to increase. Her doctors pleaded with her to lose weight. She tried all the “diets” with little or no success. She even had a personal trainer and spent thousands on exercise and weight loss programs.

I’ve always been a stress eater. After the downturn in the economy in 2009, I worked to keep my business afloat. I stopped going to the gym, and found myself packing on the pounds.

Before too long, I didn’t even recognize myself. I had hit 230 lbs, my energy level was down, and I knew I wasn’t very healthy. My cholesterol was high and my doctor put me on a statin to help manage it.

I had tried a number of the fad diets over the years. I’d lose some weight, then put more back on.

My wife and I both knew we needed to do something.

A visit from a friend changed our lives. When she walked into our home after losing over 50 lbs, we wanted to know how she had done it. She told us about a clinically proven, doctor recommended program and how she had a personal health coach to help guide her. We were hooked.

Shortly after that, Cathy and I began our journey. Six months later we had hit our goals.

I lost 40 pounds. My waist shrunk from a snug 38 to a comfortable 34. My energy was back and I felt great.

Cathy’s weight loss was even more dramatic. She lost 50 lbs. On her small 5 foot tall frame, that was an enormous change, She looked great and felt great. More importantly, her doctors began scaling back her meds. She was able to stop two medications completely (saving us a $300 per month co-pay), and cut back most of her others. Her cholesterol numbers are amazing – better than ever before – her blood pressure is perfect, she’s no longer pre-diabetic, her triglycerides and lipid numbers are perfect, and she no longer has metabolic syndrome. She has a new vigor for life.

Paying It Forward:

Now, nearly three years later, we’ve kept the weight off and we’re helping others to get healthy and lose weight too.

Using a time-tested and clinically proven weight loss program, we’re helping clients achieve optimal health. The results have been nothing short of amazing.

Our clients have experienced weight loss from 10 pounds to over 100 pounds. More importantly, their health, self esteem and outlook on life has improved dramatically.

How is your health?

Two-thirds of all Americans are classified as overweight or obese. Think about that. Two out of three Americans are overweight or obese.

We were part of these statistics not too long ago. But we made a decision to make a change in our lives, and the results speak for themselves.

Can we help you? Are you ready to make a change and start on the road to great health? It’s easier than you think, and we will help you all the way.

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(Results vary. Typical weight loss is 2-5 pounds per week for the first two weeks and 1-2 pounds per week after that.)

A Little More About Jeff…


Advertising, Web Development and More

Jeff Evans is also President and CEO of JC-Evans, Inc., a media consulting and advertising agency, and its subsidiary, 315 Entertainment Group, a feature film production company.

A graduate of the University of Michigan and the Hollywood Film Institute, Jeff is a Feature Film Producer, certified Cinema Director and Line Producer, and also an accomplished AVID Editor.

Jeff has more than 25 years of media experience including writing, producing and directing radio and television. He has been recognized for his creative talents with numerous awards including an ADDY, three Telly awards, four Communicator awards, sixteen Pollies, a Summit Creative award, the American Corporate Identity Award and four Hermes Creative awards.

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